Hey lovelies,
I must honestly admit that I forgot about so many drafts of blogposts I had saved on my computer! I still really like them, so I decided to publish them anyways.
Today it’s the color purple its turn in the
Colorful Blogposts Series.

Read along with me!
Purple is mostly associated with spirituality and magic, but don’t get the two confused! Think about it, many times magicians use purple attributes. Purple is the color which is said to help calm your mind.
Back in the day purple was traditionally worn by men only. It was the color of royalty, because it was very difficult to make purple dye.
Purple is also an important color for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender) community. On a special day, called Spirit Day people wear purple to support people from the community.
One shade of purple also happens to be my favorite color; lilac!


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