Hey my fellow readers,
Today I have a new book review for you. I was in the bookstore and someone recommended this book to me. When I went to pay for the book the guy from the store got all excited: “This is my favorite book! It’s so good.” Two other girls who also work at the store joined the conversation, telling me it’s also their favorite book. Expectations were set high at this point.
The book I’m talking about is Uprooted, written by Naomi Novik. It’s a high fantasy novel.

The story (without spoilers)
Agnieszka lives in a beautiful valley, but on the border stands the corrupt Woods. Nobody dares coming near to the evil Woods, filled with scary shadows.
The people from Agnieszka’s valley rely on a wizard, better known as the Dragon. He only asks for 1 thing in return for his help: a young woman, who’ll serve him for 10 years. After those years, he’ll come back to take another one.
Nobody knows what happens to the girls in his castle, just like nobody truly knows what’s up with the woods. Agnieszka is here to find it out and she’s not a quitter.

My opinion
High fantasy novels are not the kind of books I normally read. But sometimes it’s good to shift between different genres. To be honest, I expected more of this book. Possibly because a few people pointed it out as it being their favorite book. I liked the storyline and the characters, but I think it was too predictable.
The beginning of the book made me think of a Beauty & the Beast and Cinderella mixture. Later on in the book this is mostly invalid.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. I loved the idea behind the storyline and I really liked the main character. I just feel like it should’ve been less predictable.

Murder on the Orient Express

Hey everyone,
Going to the cinema is something I really like to do. This time I went, with my sweet friend Lisanne to Murder on the Orient Express.
I didn’t have a clear expectation from this movie before I went, but overall I like movies with Johnny Depp in it.
This version of Murder on the Orient Express must be the 6th filming. I haven’t seen another one before, so I didn’t know the story.
The original story is written by Agatha Christie, who’s well known for her detective stories.

Watch the trailer here:

I must honestly say that the trailer doesn’t show how good the movie actually is. Lisanne and I both agreed on that.
The storyline (no spoilers)

The movie is about one of the greatest detectives in the world, Hercule Poirot. He’s on board of the Orient Express when one of the passengers gets killed. He will not leave the train before he finds the killer, but this might be the first case he’ll not close.

My opinion
I was fascinated throughout the whole movie, looking for clues and answers. I was determined to solve the murder, before it might get solved.
This movie might have one of the BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER! Our minds were completely blown. I really recommend this movie!

I was here

Hi loves,
Today I have a new book review for you! The book is called: I was here. The author is Gayle Forman.
I bought this book during my trip in South Africa and it only took me 3 evenings to finish it.

The story (no spoilers)
What if your best friend commits suicide? Cody is completely shocked when her best friend Meg was found dead. How did this happen? How COULD this happen? They were best friends, weren’t they supposed to tell each other everything?
Cody wants answers and is determined to get them. Was it Meg her own choice, or did someone push her to commit suicide?

You will live this whole adventure through the eyes of Cody. There’s lots of pain, sadness and hurt in the people Meg left behind. While Cody is looking for answers, she finds a whole different world where Meg used to live in. She knew nothing about this and it seems like nobody else did… or were there people who knew?

My opinion
It’s weird to say that I liked this book and enjoyed reading it, because it’s such a sad story. It’s really touching to read what Megs death did to the people who loved her.
In some weird way I find this book empowering. It shows you the reason why you have to keep going.

I give this book a 3 out of 5. It’s a lovely story to read and it touched my heart.

Pitch Perfect 3

Hey everyone,
My best friend and I went to see Pitch Perfect 3 at the cinema.
We both loved Pitch Perfect 1 & 2.
What I like about these movies is that music plays a big part. The movies are build around what the girls like doing best, which is making music/ singing. The songs which are used in all of the movies are so catchy, it makes you instantly happy.

Pitch Perfect 3 was much more than I expected it to be! Music still plays the biggest part in the movie, but little side stories make the movie much more interesting. Also, every single Bella (which is how the girl group is called) gets their chance to shine in this movie.
Again there’s lots of humor in this movie, some things totally cracked me up. There were moments when the whole movie theatre was laughing. Fat Amy will always be my favorite character from these movies. When you thought she couldn’t get funnier, you haven’t seen the third movie!

Pitch Perfect 3 is supposed to be the last movie. The ending is a good one, so I would be okay with it.

Watch the trailer here:

I really recommend this feel-good movie. It’s perfect for a day out with your friends. Also a nice birthday gift, if you ask me!

H&M sale

Hey shopaholics,
H&M is one of my favorite clothing stores and lucky for me there was a big winter sale! Turns out 3 out of the 4 items I bought are pink… Guess what’s one of my favorite colors?
Let me show you what I bought.

Top from H&M

Oh how I love this cute top! I really like collars, because it can make your outfit look really girly and neat. I especially like this one, because the collar is spangly.

T-Shirt from H&M

I’m normally not really into the whole feminism inspired clothing, the words on the front say: female equals future. But I really liked this t-shirt, Especially the back. How much better would this world be if we would spread love instead of hate?

White sweater from H&M

The sleeves are made from a different kind of material than the rest of the sweater. They’re made of cotton, the rest of the sweater is softer. The sleeves are wide and are tight around the wrists. On both sleeves is a big bow, which you can adjust to whatever size you like. I really like this sweater, because you can look neat without trying.

Pink sweater from H&M

This sweater must be one of the softest sweaters I own. It looked to me as if it’s made of wool, but it isn’t. The words say: girls unite. I like the length of the sweater, because it’s a little longer. It has a split on the bottom of both sides, which makes the sweater extra comfortable.

I’m happy with my new items. Which one do you like best?

Forever 21 items

Hey everyone,
Do you know that feeling you get when your package finally arrives? I felt it today, because my order from Forever 21 came! Even though only 3 out of the 12 items are for me. Lucky for me the rest belongs to my sister, so I can always steal some items out of her wardrobe…

T-shirt from Forever 21

As a true Disney lover, I feel like this shirt was made for me. It was a little shorter than I expected it to be, but it still looks nice.

Blouse from Forever 21

I love blouses, and white blouses even more! I really like the print. In case you can’t tell, the bicycles are dark-greenish. The back of the blouse is slightly longer than the front, which gives it something extra.

Cap from Forever 21

I really like caps. Especially when you don’t feel like doing your hair, which happens to me quite often. Look at that little teddy bear, isn’t it adorable?
(Note to self: Don’t order caps online, because they will get all flat in the mail and it takes some effort to get the shape right again.)

Forever 21 did not let me down!

Patch up your shoes

Hey fashion lovers,
Today I’ve a tip for you!
Most of us wear shoes. Some people choose looks over comfort. I don’t, but after a while I get tired of wearing the same shoes. They still fit perfectly and look neat, so throwing them away would be a waste. That’s why I decide to pimp up my shoes.
One really simple tip I can give you, from which I’m sure EVERY single person of you is capable, is: Replace your old laces with new ones.

– Laces in a different colour
– Laces with glitter
– Use ribbons instead of laces

That’s exactly what I did! I replaced my black and grey laces with these glittery ones from Monki.

The second tip: (Please make sure your shoes are made of the right fabric, before doing this.)
Buy some patches you like. (You can literally buy them everywhere) And make sure the patches match with each other and your shoes. Simply place them on your shoes, wherever you like. Last but not least: Glue the patches to the shoes. I used textile glue to do this. This way you have “new” 1 of a kind shoes.

I’ve already worn my shoes outside and in the rain. Nothing happend and the patches stayed in place!
Hope these tips are useful for you.

Two empty buckets
Won’t be enough to catch my tears
The pool inside of me
Been filling up for many years
The bassin can’t take it anymore
It’s walls start to crack
Once it starts leaking
There’s no going back
A wave
More than I can take
Taking me under
Until unexpectedly





It’s a single drop
That made it start
A single drop that’s ending it
An enormous wave sending me
Into a direction, where there’s no stopping
The moment my eyes start leaking
And my tears create a track
Emptying my reservoir
Making me much lighter
Until it fills back up
by cup,
by cup


Hello 2018

2017 Has come to an end. 365 Days have passed and lots of things have happened. Everyone has experienced it in a different way. And hopefully a good way!
I’ve learned so much this past year, also about myself.
I’ve spend 5 weeks in South-Africa with my sweet friend. I can definitely add those weeks to my list of: Best days of my life.
I had the best job I can think of. Taking care of the 3 cutest little girls. Children never fail to make me smile!

2018 To me, will be the year for learning, healing and recovering. Even though I don’t feel quit ready yet, I know I have people I can lean on.

Thank you to all my friends & loved ones, who are always here for me. Who I know I can rely on in 2018 and supported me throughout 2017 (and before). I love you.

I wish everyone who’s reading this a wonderful 2018. I don’t believe new years resolutions are necessary, which is why I don’t have any. But if you do, I hope they will work out the way you want them to! Push the negative aside, to make room for the positive.