Your bad
My bad
Are we really gonna play this game
Gonna drive ourselves insane
Fighting over
what is true
and what is not
One talking about things
the other already forgot
You’re telling the truth
The rest is a lie
You’re the one that’s right
Others can’t even try
An endless argument
both sides want to win
Because losing means losing
And that’s equal to a sin
The screaming starts
It’s no longer about the argument
It’s all about the fight
Not about the conclusion
All about who’s right


What if what you know is unknown
and the truth isn’t the truth
What if the shapes you know unfold
And told things can be untold
What if stars seem to shine
but actually they don’t
You thought the moon was round
Turns out that it is not
Made up rules no longer count
Lost things won’t be found
Decision make things different
but the different stays the same
What if who you are
is no longer your name
The cars you thought were driving
stand still on a moving road
And music no longer depends
on one single note
You thought your brain had taught you
all the useful things
Until you find out
that in the morning
it is not the bird that sings
The well known story
of Beauty and the Beast
makes no longer sense
because the beauty is in the beast
The stories in history books
turn out to be made up
Which makes the past no longer the past
Thoughts shoot by really fast
Almost like shooting stars
Even though you aren’t sure those do exist
What if what you don’t know
is what you should know
And what if this poem
on it’s own
is only to mess with your brain


I notice you nervously looking around
Sitting perfectly still
Making no sound
Leaning a little more backwards
Than people usually do
Avoiding all the questions
That way it’s easier for you
Avoiding eye contact
Every contact
No message send is non received
Nobody sees you
You are relieved
Trembling fingers
Can’t hold your feet still
Shaking all over
Make sure you don’t fail
Pressure pressing you down
Make it hard to breathe
You’re so scared
You wish you could leave
Shut your eyes
You dissapear
No need to be worried
When you are nowhere


Look at the little lights
They also shine for you
Even in the darkest of nights
The stars will be there too

Behind the clouds
The misty sky
Grey smoke created by fire
Still there’s light
Shining bright
Burning with desire

I know
Darkness wouldn’t exist
If there would be no light
And fire creates smoke
It can burn things to hide

There’s two sides to everything
One good and one bad
So don’t let the darkness
Get inside your head.


When you’re looking for home
Don’t visit a million places
You won’t find it in people
Or in familiar faces
With their hugs and their smiles
All their good intentions

They say home is where the love is
But is that really true?
If I give you my heart
Will that feel like home to you?

Don’t look for home
In that house down the street
The one with the yellow door
It’s only a stack of stones
On top of a concrete floor

Yes, it does have your belongings in it
You believe that’s what counts?
That home is the place
Where all your things can be found?

Home is a feeling
Deep inside your bones
A feeling of safety
You’ll find it in the things
That shine out positivity

Feeling home is when reading a book
Getting lost in the story
Or the story of a song
In its instrumental glory

Home is when you close your eyes
And everything feels fine
When it’s okay to be
To be, to feel, to breathe
When everything falls in line


You keep giving pieces away
Little bits of yourself
Vanishing day by day
Making sure others are okay
Until finally you’re not
You end up incomplete
An unfinished puzzle
Some pieces are missing
You’re the one falling apart
While you do your very best
Don’t play your last card
There’ll be nothing left
Taking back will fill you up
Can heal your empty spaces
It doesn’t make you selfish
It will bring you places
You’ll keep on giving
Also learn to receive
You’ll continue living
As someone who takes and gives


Poetry week

Hi everyone,
Today the official poetry week in my country (The Netherlands) has started, which I’m really excited about! I love poetry so much. To me it feels like music on a sheet.
During poetry week I will share a poem with you every single day.
Lets kick off with this really short one:

How can there be so much truth in only two sentences? Society asks so much from people these days. It doesn’t matter if you’re fully grown or younger. Expectations are set real high and more people than ever suffer from mental illnesses, like depression. That’s why this poem touches me.

Two empty buckets
Won’t be enough to catch my tears
The pool inside of me
Been filling up for many years
The bassin can’t take it anymore
It’s walls start to crack
Once it starts leaking
There’s no going back
A wave
More than I can take
Taking me under
Until unexpectedly





It’s a single drop
That made it start
A single drop that’s ending it
An enormous wave sending me
Into a direction, where there’s no stopping
The moment my eyes start leaking
And my tears create a track
Emptying my reservoir
Making me much lighter
Until it fills back up
by cup,
by cup



Winter is coming baby
Time for your woolen coat
Hands deep in your pockets
Watch the snowflakes fall
Scarf wrapped around your neck
Preventing your nose from turning red
In this icy cold
Two pairs of socks on both feet
Turns out your shoes barely fit
But your toes are nice and warm
Put your gloves on and a hat
Or some soft earmuffs instead
Don’t let the wind blow you away
Happy snowflakes are here to stay
White blanket covering all
It’s a Winter Wonder Ball