Hold up,
wait a minute
I know the world is spinning
Breathe in, breathe out
You wanna keep going
But don’t.
Just close your eyes
and focus
on what the darkness is showing

Time keeps passing
Memories too
Try listening to the voice,
it’s talking to you

Stand still
I know time keeps on going
The sun will soon shine
And the oceans keep flowing

But you taking a break
is perfectly fine
On another day you’ll cross that line
It might be hours or years away
Don’t listen to what others say

Because even though clocks keep on ticking
The world keeps on turning
And your desires are burning

It’s okay to stand still
to move in slowmotion
To only breathe
or to do it another day

Because sweety,
Life will not take your time away.


When I look ahead,
I see the back of my head

I’m walking forward,
wondering if I’m going back

Because it’s my own footsteps I see
I’m following my own track

The steps I took in the past
always come back to me

I’m walking in circles,
on this never ending circuit.


I consist of mountains,
also deep cold caves
I consist of oceans,
with the highest waves

I consist of walls,
almost impossible to climb
And explosive bubbles,
running out of time

I consist of layers
layers on top of layers
With deep dark holes
Lying underneath

I consist of forest,
with trees too high to see
the flaming fields behind it
Lying deep inside of me

I consist of ruins,
created by lava flow
For every vibration
that made my vulcanoes blow

I consist of rainstorms,
with sunlight inbetween
And these lonely valleys,
no one has ever seen

At last a great galaxy
with a countless amount of stars
Trying to break free,
from this place called:
My Body



Stom hè?
Hoe iemand je beste vriend
maar ook je grootste vijand kan zijn.
Voor jou is diegene heel groot,
voor anderen maar heel klein.
Je wilt van haar vluchten,
maar ook in haar armen vluchten.
Ze verzorgd je
Ze vernielt je
Anderen denken, wat bezielt je?

Maar ze is mijn vriendin.
Die mij nieuwe dingen liet zien.
Een vriendschap van twee kanten
Jij bouwt op haar
Zij bouwt op jou
Ook al is geen van beide werkelijk trouw.

Jullie wegen scheiden
Elkaar loslaten is wat volgt
Maar ik zal je niet vergeten
Want je hebt wel voor mij gezorgd.


Beauty Standards

Beauty Standards,
Such unnecessary shit
Many teens drowning,
Trying to live up to it
expectations, evaluations
Leave teens wondering,
Do I look the right way?
Is it true what they say?

Have to keep proving,
You are good enough
Those stupid beauty standards
Make everything so though.

Teens working for compliments,
Which they never get
Cause even though they look fine,
They aren’t perfect yet.

Beauty Standards
Ruining them teens self esteems
alone, ashamed, afraid
While businesses make money
By teaching all those teens,
To hate their own body.


If it was my last day,
I wouldn’t fight it.

I’ll just wait for the fire,
but wouldn’t light it.

I’ll walk the path,
that shows up before me.

I won’t turn around,
I’ll just wait and see.

If the clouds come to get me
and lightning strikes from above

I’ll hold my head up high
and look up to the sky.

I won’t raise my arms,
will not accelerate it.

I’ll be patiently waiting
and won’t be scared,
because inside,
I know it’s alright.


This poem is a message to all my dear friends (Who I’m so thankful for)

My friend is a flower
in this world so small,
yet so incredibly beautiful.

So important
for the bees
and their flower families.

Taking in
Giving out
Never too silent
Never too loud

Roots growing stronger
Stalk growing longer
Always learning how to grow

Never getting picked,
because you are stronger than it

So you just continue to…

Share your petals with the wind
Bringing you places
Meeting new faces
Still not forgetting about me

Sometimes it gets dark
Your leafs may crumble
you might shrink,
fall over and tumble

But don’t you ever for a second think,
you can’t.

Because you still got that power
You are a beautiful flower
The world ahead,
dirt beneath,
sun above,
your own strong seed
Your flower family big,
yet so small
You and your strength can get through it all.


You don’t dare to judge a flower,

if it has lost a leaf.

You don’t underestimate the power,

of a small bumblebee.

You love everything about nature,

everything you see.

So why would you look at yourself

any differently?

(You are nature to me)