Two empty buckets
Won’t be enough to catch my tears
The pool inside of me
Been filling up for many years
The bassin can’t take it anymore
It’s walls start to crack
Once it starts leaking
There’s no going back
A wave
More than I can take
Taking me under
Until unexpectedly





It’s a single drop
That made it start
A single drop that’s ending it
An enormous wave sending me
Into a direction, where there’s no stopping
The moment my eyes start leaking
And my tears create a track
Emptying my reservoir
Making me much lighter
Until it fills back up
by cup,
by cup



Winter is coming baby
Time for your woolen coat
Hands deep in your pockets
Watch the snowflakes fall
Scarf wrapped around your neck
Preventing your nose from turning red
In this icy cold
Two pairs of socks on both feet
Turns out your shoes barely fit
But your toes are nice and warm
Put your gloves on and a hat
Or some soft earmuffs instead
Don’t let the wind blow you away
Happy snowflakes are here to stay
White blanket covering all
It’s a Winter Wonder Ball


Running, running
Faster than a bullet
Images flashing by
I’m running so fast
It feels like I could fly
Not feeling like looking around
To see the pretty view
Running faster than sound
No time to see the ugly truth
Running, running
Feet tapping a rhythm
It goes like: click, click, click
I’m going faster and faster
While my feet create more music
Music which I don’t hear
Focussed on the road ahead
My own running pattern
Living in my head
Running, running
It never seems to end
High roads and low roads
No message to send
Not thinking any thoughts
Just being in my head
I am in high speed
Don’t think about whats been said
Just keep on running
Running, running
Until the bitter end


Darkness isn’t the color black
or your morning coffee
Not the time you decide
to turn off the light
Because it’s hard to see

It’s not the ink, newspapers use
To create some letters
Which are used to make up stories
about everything that happens

Darkness is not what you see
when you close your eyes
When your black vision is filled
with many, many lights
When space and milky ways
are all that’s in your sight

You can’t compare it to holes and tunnels
Where there’s no light to be seen
Only shadows in the dark
But nothing in between

Not the nightsky in the evening
With the moon so high
Where stars seem to fly
Darkness is not dark
When there’s still a little light

I get it
Sometimes it is darker
At times hard to see
But it’s nothing like the darkness
that lives inside of me

It presses on my shoulders
so hard, I dive
Deeper and deeper into the darkness
I can hardly describe

It fills your lungs
it burns
it’s toxic
It makes it hard to breathe
It presses your chest
flat, so fast
Feels like it will never leave
So hard to carry around
Wheighing a hundred tons
It slows every movement down
Let’s you fall to the ground
Help is nowhere to be found
It narrows your sight
Leaves no room for light
It’s something so big
Something so strong
Something that’s too hard to fight


Brood, eten
Ik wil het je geven
Huis, onderdak
Een beter leven
Ik wil je een leven geven,
waarin je kunt leven
in plaats van overleven
Maar er is
Nooit genoeg
Misschien voor één
of twee
Niet voor iedereen
Inzet kan ik tonen
passie, kracht
Ik zet het in
Maar alleen
is alleen
En niet genoeg
om te veranderen
wat ik zie, voel
bij zo velen
Mensen met weinig,

Mensen help!
Help de mensen
zonder goud en geluk
Die alleen kunnen wensen
werken en werken
Maar te weinig stenen
om af te bouwen
waar ze aan begonnen waren
En wij maar varen
Op cruise schepen
Drinkend van de duurste wijn
Problemen laten varen
Met geld afbetalen
Zo kan het toch niet zijn?
Ik wil helpen
Ik wil bouwen
Aan die onafgebouwde wegen
Maar ik alleen
Ik ben zo klein
Op deze hele wereld
Zo klein
Laat mijn wens niet,
zoals die van velen,
een schreeuw in het diepe zijn.


You’re never ending
It makes me feel so small
You surround me,
You’re everywhere around me
Your wind is blowing me kisses
While the sand hugs my feet
The waves control my eyes and thoughts
They’re so hard to read

As I walk along the sand and leave footprints on you
I know they won’t stay
Because the sea will come
And slowly wash them away
Nothing here is permanent
Nothing stays the same
Though waves keep coming and drift away
Rolling, diving, falling, bending
Never in the same way
The sand will loose its hometown
Castles that’ve been build will break
But sand will be sand
The sea will be sea
You’ll always be water and land

And when I get home
I undress myself
I find pieces of you everywhere
Between my toes,
my clothes, hair and underwear
You’ve filled up all my holes
In my nose I find your salty perfume
It sticks here in the air
It’s like you want to stay with me
Even if I’m not there

Oh beautiful beach
how I wish you could hold my hand
But you’re only made of water, salt and sand


You are valuable
Would be my result
If I would value you

Your thoughts and actions
They are valuable too

You are more than enough
Whatever you say or do

When times get rough
Remember there is value
And that value is in you


Hold up,
wait a minute
I know the world is spinning
Breathe in, breathe out
You wanna keep going
But don’t.
Just close your eyes
and focus
on what the darkness is showing

Time keeps passing
Memories too
Try listening to the voice,
it’s talking to you

Stand still
I know time keeps on going
The sun will soon shine
And the oceans keep flowing

But you taking a break
is perfectly fine
On another day you’ll cross that line
It might be hours or years away
Don’t listen to what others say

Because even though clocks keep on ticking
The world keeps on turning
And your desires are burning

It’s okay to stand still
to move in slowmotion
To only breathe
or to do it another day

Because sweety,
Life will not take your time away.


When I look ahead,
I see the back of my head

I’m walking forward,
wondering if I’m going back

Because it’s my own footsteps I see
I’m following my own track

The steps I took in the past
always come back to me

I’m walking in circles,
on this never ending circuit.


I thought I was a flower
Trying to grow through the dirt

Until I realized I’m a root
Growing down instead of up

Deeper and deeper into the dark
Where the sunlight doesn’t touch