14000 Things to be happy about part 3

Hey adventurers,
Here is my 3rd blogpost dedicated to the book 14000 things to be happy about. The book is literally a list of things that bring the author Barbara Ann Kipfer joy.
Of course we don’t share the same opinion on everything, so I decided to highlight my favorite things in her book. Here is part 3 of my list:

– Rising early
– An inspiration board
– Clouds and mist rolling over a mountaintop
– Downloading music
– Music boxes
– Late Sunday breakfast
– Clean, spacious, joyous settings
– Oven fries
– Plants on windowsills
– Discovering something desired is within your price range
– Getting snow caked on socks and in jeans cuffs
– Fresh, organically grown foods
– Two seats together at a crowded movie
– Stone fences
– Warm firesides
– Successfully doing a headstand
– Making a life, not just a living
– Library tables
– A room just for creating art
– Filling the pet food bowl
– Not having the fear of missing out
– Old stock certificates
– Boiling water for coffee
– Patting the cat
– Striped ribbons
– Leaves starting to turn
– The unique smell of new Play-Doh
– People who wrap presents instead of using gift bags
– Living with the knowledge that you’ve done your best
– Going barefoot around the house
– Padded bicycle seats
– Something to be enthusiastic about
– The magic curl of waves
– Mountains: a canvas for clouds
– Reserving your own quiet corner
– Payday
– Jewelry design
– A standing clipboard

It’s so much fun to go through this book and highlight my favorites. It to me is super inspirational and makes me more aware of the little things!


  1. Sparkyjen

    What’s makes me even happier today is finding out that there’s actually a book on the market filled with over a 1,000 ways to stimulate happiness. I typically don’t have a problem finding ways to make myself happier, but if I did, I can tell by your favorites that Barbara Ann’s book is chocked full of ideas. Some, I must admit have given me a giggle. One made me curious. Now, I may have to go and actually buy some Playdoh. Thanks for sharing!

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