Hi you,
It’s the movie: Searching it’s turn to get reviewed by me today.
I saw this movie a while ago in the cinema and I enjoyed it very much!

The movie
When a 16 year old girl Margot goes missing, nothing will stop her father David from finding her. The police is quickly involved and there are big search parties going on. But after 37 hours, there’s still no sign of the girl anywhere. David decides to break into Margo her laptop to see if he can find out more. It turns out he didn’t know his daughter as well as he thought he did. Her life is quite different from what he expected.
Will David find his daughter through the information he gathers from her laptop?

What’s special about this movie, is that you see the whole movie through different laptop and phone screens. This way you’re sometimes kept in the dark, because you don’t see every movement. But it’s also an interesting way to watch a movie, because you can see everything the characters eyes see.

I think the storyline of the movie was strongly build up. I was sometimes on the edge of my seat, because I was so curious to see what the police and David found out. Also, the movie sets you on different trails and makes you suspect different people. It’s so much fun when a story can puzzle your brain like that! Great plot twists, a good storyline and an interesting way of filming.
I would recommend this movie if you like a detective mystery.

Have you seen this movie? And what did you think of it?

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