Monthly faves; June

Hi everyone,
June 2019 for me was the month with the best news EVER! I got into both art schools I applied for and worked my ass off to get into! That means that after summer break I’ll be a student. I can’t believe this is happening!
Here are a few of my other favorite things of this month:

Ed Sheeran is killing it again with his new music! His new studio album is coming out in a few weeks and he already released 3 songs of the album. They are SO good!
Still… my favorite song of this month was Feel Something by Bea Miller.

I also managed to get Meet and Greet tickets for her upcoming show in Amsterdam. I’m beyond excited!!

“You don’t have to rebuild a relationship with everyone you’ve forgiven.”
– Unknown


Only Human is the third and the last sequel of the Themis Files series. It’s SO good! Okay, I might be a little prejudiced because I love science-fiction. Also, these are my favorite series… But still, you must check it out!

There isn’t a movie I’ve seen this month, which is worth discussing. But there are a few movies I really want to watch!

Has anyone seen one of these already? Are they good?


I believe this to be very, very true.

Summer break is almost here guys. Hold on for a little longer!

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