Tumblr vibes

Hey you all,
I guess most of you have used Tumblr at least once. I used to be super active on there! But every time I got bored of my feed and changed accounts.
– I started off with an One Direction account.
– Second came the most random one I ever had.
– My third one was more of an outlet for me, for all the negative feelings I was carrying. (I don’t think that one exists anymore.)
– The forth had a cute Rosy/ Kawaii theme, with lots of pastel colors.

And yes… your girl made a new one, haha! I wasn’t using any of the other ones anymore anyways.
I kind of missed posting and reposting all meaningful messages/ beautiful pictures and inspirational images! There’s something so peaceful and fulfilling to it.

Here are a few examples to get into the vibe of my new Tumblr page:

I’m currently in loveeeee with the aesthetics of my new account.
I think the best terms to describe my feed are: kawaii, pastel, grunge, pink, outer space & lilac.
If you like it as well you can find me here: https://anniesdiarynl.tumblr.com

Please give me your Tumblr accounts so I can check them out ♡♡♡


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