14000 Things to be happy about; part 1

Hey loves,
I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the book 14000 Things to be happy about. This book exists of a long list with things that make the writer Barbara Ann Kipfer happy. Of course everyone is different and has their own interests. Not everything in the book makes me happy, so I decided to colour the ones I agree with. I’ll share my list with you all throughout different blogposts, because the list is super long!
Here comes part one:

– Easeful days
– Made-up new words
– Memories of the good things you ate in your childhood
– Fresh fruit
– Coffee
– Fresh-squeezed juice
– What your computer’s destkop says about you
– Bringing beauty and meaning into others’ lives
– Getting a really good haircut
– All the greens of spring
– Always carrying a notebook
– The taste of cake batter
– A fresh idea in an artist’s mind
– The pure joy of the sun
– Your favorite airport
– What makes human beings uniquely human
– The butterfly effect
– The art in everyday life
– Touring model homes
– Horses breathing ostrich plumes of air
– Part of you always being a child
– Diamondlike stars
– Writing down three things you appreciate each day
– A place of secret magic where nature alone quietly renews itself
– Incurable enthusiasm
– Friendly aliens from outer space
– Shop talk
– Cable-knit sweaters
– Checking your fortune-cookie message
– Buttering toast generously and immediately so that the butter melts and sinks in
– Getting a job

Do any of these things make you smile? I sure hope so!


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