New in; Topshop

I almost never go to Topshop, as I feel like their products are overpriced. This doesn’t stop me from scrolling through their web shop now and then. I found some really cute items, which I would like to share with you: This knitted sweater looks so comfy, with those big batwing sleeves. What I love […]


Fave new arrivals: Topshop

Hey everyone, I like to stay updated on my favorite websites and Topshop is one of them! Let me share my favorite items from the new arrivals with you: hat As much as I love caps, I would make an exception to wear this cute hat. pink dress This is the perfect summer dress! Neat […]


Blouses and tops

Hey loves, Do you know that feeling when you don’t have much money to spend, but you see all these items you really like? I’m having that “issue” right now. Let me show you some items I found online, which I really like: BLOUSES Blue blouse from H&M I really like the light blue color […]