Be Alright

Hi loves, I have a new live cover for you of the amazing song Be Alright, by Dean Lewis. I was alone at home for a few days and got a little bored one evening. As I was already singing (as I do all day, everyday)I decided to record it with my camera. This is […]


I can’t breathe

Hey everyone, This song is so beautiful. I love the lyrics and the feeling of it. It explains exactly how I feel at certain moments. I hope I could do it justice. You should definitely check out more of Bea Miller her music, I’m a big fan.


Song lyrics

Hi guys, I’ve had these song lyrics stuck in my head for FOREVER! I guess I should work out the rest of the song, so I can finally let it go. This is what I have so far: When I look at you With your skin white as the moon And the freckles on your […]