I can’t breathe

Hey everyone, This song is so beautiful. I love the lyrics and the feeling of it. It explains exactly how I feel at certain moments. I hope I could do it justice. You should definitely check out more of Bea Miller her music, I’m a big fan.



Your eyes say you miss me Your mouth tells me you’re fine While behind that smile of yours I see a clear sign The twinkle in your eyes Once you see it’s me at the door And they way you hug me Like you’ve never held me before You don’t have to say “I love […]


Monthly favorites; December

Hey everyone, Thank you for sticking around this year! December is already over, but I would like to share my favorite things from December with you. SONG You might not have heard about Frankie Grande, but I bet you recognize his last name; Grande. It’s right what you’re thinking. Frankie Grande is Ariana Grande her […]