How lucky am I To have someone like you Who won’t just walk away Is not afraid to tell the truth Who knows the right things to say And doesn’t hold back Who gives, gives, gives Expecting nothing back Giving me a little of your light To brighten my darkness up And even if that […]


Monthly favorites; January

Hi cuties, Woah… this is crazy! The first month of 2019 is already over. January has been good to me. I’ve read a few cool books, seen a lot of my friends, refound my love for yoga and enjoying my job! SONG SO EASY! I’ve got a new favorite song and I bet you all […]



Hello fellow people, It’s 2019, which means a new start and new chances for everyone. I’m not a big believer of new years resolutions. If you really want to turn things around you can start at any minute. But I do believe a new year can help people start changing their habits. Anyways, I don’t […]