a poem that touched me deeply

Hi guys, I came across this poem while scrolling through my instagram feed. This poem hit me like a brick! It’s the perfect representation of how anorexia draws you in and then when you don’t expect it, takes total control over you. At first you’ll be like: ah, this is so fun! I’m losing weight […]


Continuing ED topic

Hey sweeties, The ones who’ve been following my blog for a longer time, know that I’ve made 2 videos about eating disorders. The meaning behind this was to get more information out there, from someone who has experienced an eating disorder (me). I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t found time to make a new […]


Ed Sheeran in Ziggo Dome

03-04-2017 YES! Vandaag naar het concert van Ed Sheeran. Ik heb er ZO VEEL zin in! Waarom ik naar Ed Sheeran wil? Ik vind hem zo ontzettend getalenteerd dat ik niet eens waar ik moet beginnen… Ik vind hem een enorm grote inspiratie. Van jongs af aan had hij een droom en die heeft hij […]