Hi lovely people,
There is a lot going on in my life lately, so I’ve been inactive on my blog. Not behind the scenes though, because I have lots coming for you!
There will be some changes on Annies Diary. You might have figured the first one out already. I’ll be blogging in English from now on!
By the time I started my blog I decided to do it in Dutch, simply because it’s my native language.
Most of my poems are English, which caused my blog to have visitors from other countries. I’ve received multiple messages from people saying that they would like to read my blog, but they can’t because it’s in Dutch.
I’ve thought about it for a while and decided to turn things around and blog in English!
Most of my posts Dutch posts will stay on my blog.
Hope you’ll continue this journey with me.

Birthday presents

Hey everyone,
Last week it was my birthday and I got spoiled! Birthdays to me are not about presents or being the centre of attention. I enjoy my friends coming together and having everyone I love in one room.
But let’s be honest, I got the cutest presents ever! My friends know me so well. Let me share my presents with you.

I got two boxes from Søstrene Grene, which is one of my favorite shops! Also a bottle of bath salt, a drawing, a beautiful bracelet and watercolour paper.

I got 5 canvasses, which are very useful to me. Also a really lovely notebook I wanted to have for a long time. I can start drawing again with my pretty 4 new waterproof fineliners.

THESE PUSHEEN ITEMS, I’M ALMOST SCREAMING. I love Pusheen SO much! This cat makes me so happy. Also, this is the softest blanket I own. (Which is why everybody keeps stealing it.)

Look at this notebook, look at the quote and the hot air balloon on it, just look at it! It’s so pretty, too pretty to write in. So I’ll just embrace it and look at it for now. The pink thingy on the right is a case for my passport, which is one of my favorite presents. My passport is almost holy to me, because it allows me to travel to other countries. Now my passport looks so pretty, I love it.

Scented candles are always a good idea. Also a new mug, which I now use every morning. Then socks, oh how I love my socks! My dad always complains about the amount of socks I have, haha! My third notebook I got is so different from the other two. It’s a glittery reverse cover, it changes colour once you rub it.
Last, but not least MY RAINBOW BALLOON! Rainbows are a source of happiness and so is this balloon.

I got another blanket, which is great to use for decoration and is really warm. Also really soft and warm PJ pants. All my friends know my favorite animal is a rabbit. I got 1 squishy rabbit lamp and a lovely stuffed rabbit.

I’m so happy with all these gifts. Maybe you got some present ideas or inspiration from this post.

The distant hours

Hey everyone,
This time I’ve a book review about a book I’m less enthusiastic about, which is okay! Not every book you read has to be perfect. Everyone has a different taste, so what might be your favorite book can be somebody else’s least favorite book.
The book is called: The distant hours. I read the book cover and it sounded so mysterious, I decided to buy it. (Also have you seen the cover? It’s so beautiful!)

The story: (no spoilers)
One day a long lost letter arrives, send from Milderhurst Castle. The letter is addressed to Edie her mother. Her mother is shocked when she receives the letter. Her mother doesn’t want to talk about it to Edie, like always. Edie and her mother have never been close. She thinks this might have something to do with the letter.

Edie her mother lived in Milderhurst Castle with the 3 sisters Blythe and their dad. Edie doesn’t know.
When Edie drives past Milderhurst Castle she decides to stop. Many memories come to the service. How can one get memories from a place they’ve never been to?

Edie doesn’t only find her mothers buried secrets In Milderhurst Castle, also the deep secrets which are hidden in the stones of the castle. What the sisters Blythe have been through in their lives, is more than you can imagine.

My opinion
This story raises so many questions, so you keep on reading. In my opinion it took a little too long for the questions to be answered.
The last paragraphs were really interesting, because everything falls into place. If you’re a pacient reader (which I am not) I would recommend this book.

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

New books

Hey everyone,
A while ago I went to a so called “book market”. Most of the books have a big discount, which is nice when you don’t have a large budget. I must say that you won’t find new books here. Most of the books come from a surplus.
This doesn’t mean that you won’t find nice books here, because I found some!

I’m currently reading Soul Beach and I quite like it. It’s such an original story! I’m glad I bought the sequel, so I don’t have to wait to find out how the story continues. I’m really glad I like Soul Beach, because I would’ve bought the second book for nothing if i didn’t.

Agatha Christie is one of my favorite writers. Her detectives are so well written, I can’t stop reading them. There’s always that big plottwist which I didn’t saw coming. They make the story super interesting. I can’t wait to read these!

I’ve already finished this book and I LOVED IT! Dan Brown is a great author. If you’ve never read a book of him I recommend you do!

Your bad
My bad
Are we really gonna play this game
Gonna drive ourselves insane
Fighting over
what is true
and what is not
One talking about things
the other already forgot
You’re telling the truth
The rest is a lie
You’re the one that’s right
Others can’t even try
An endless argument
both sides want to win
Because losing means losing
And that’s equal to a sin
The screaming starts
It’s no longer about the argument
It’s all about the fight
Not about the conclusion
All about who’s right


Monki clothing

Hey shopaholics,
There was a big sale on the Monki website and luckily for me, some of the items I tried on earlier were on sale.

Blue blouse
I love the color of this blouse. I feel like it makes my green eyes pop! And the ruffles, I LOVE ruffles. Even if you choose to wear regular jeans, you still look neat, because of the blouse.

White t-shirt
I can never have enough T-shirts, they always come in handy. I have these amazing jeans with red hearts on them and this t-shirt matches it perfectly. It’s crazy how I like everything with cherries on them, while I never actually eat them.

Green & white striped blouse
This blouse is my FAVORITE blouse BY FAR! It’s a little longer, which I like. And again, THOSE RUFFLES! I love it!

Yellow t-shirt
I like pastel colors very much, which is why I chose this colour. I also like it when t-shirts have a little print on them and I find this print especially cute! I see myself wearing it in summer on high waisted shorts or skater skirts.

Blue jeans
And last but not least, my new jeans! How cute are these? I really like the fit of it and the fact that it’s high waisted. The cats on the knees give it that little extra, which I like.
I will soon post a blog about how to combine striking pants, so stay tuned!

Reasons to be happy

Hey you all,
Lately I’ve felt a little sad and I needed some positivity. I decided to write down all things I love and the things that make me happy. After I started writing, I noticed that there are so many things that I find wonderful. My list is a long way from being finished, but I thought it’d be fun to share a part with you all. I’ll add more of these lists to give you inspiration and to see the value in little things.

Here’s a list of things that make me happy:
– The smell of vanilla
– When you feel sunbeams on your face
– When you totally loose yourself in a song
– When you find money in an unexpected place
– When an animal comes up to you, to get petted
– Hearing the voice of someone you love
– When something you’ve wanted for a long time is on sale
– Hugs from the people you love
– Wearing a onesie all day long
– When your favorite artist releases new music
– When something you’ve been looking forward to for a long time, finally happens
– When you get mail or packages
– When someone you don’t know randomly smiles at you
– The smell of summer
– Preparing a present for someone
– Spending time with someone you love
– Helping someone out
– Being rolled up in a blanket, with a cup of tea/ coffee
– Reading a good book

Not everything that makes you happy, is something you’ve to work for. You just sometimes gotta stand still and realize what beautiful things surround you.

What loving you feels like

It’s like running after a race car
Or try to fly with no wings
Writing with no ink
A story without an end
Phone ready for use
But no message to send
Trying to stay warm
In a place that’s so cold
Wanting to feel loved
When there’s no one to hold
Traveling by a ship
That’s about to sink
Taking a quiz
But being unable to think
Trying to open a lock
With a broken key
An image in my mind
A picture of you and me


Aliexpress stickers

Hey crafters,
Today I’ve an Aliexpress shopblog for you. I was in desperate need for new stickers (don’t ask me why), so I ordered some on Aliexpress.

On Aliexpress you can order these super cute little paper boxes filled with stickers.
My favorite box is the one on the right. Rabbits are my favorite animals, so it’s probably a bit unfair. But I really like the drawing style which is used for these stickers.

I bought a box of Rilakkuma stickers, because those are my favorite characters.
The one on the right is a box filled with animals in kawaii style.

The last stickers I ordered are some more of Rilakkuma. These stickers can be used on paper, but also on plastic etc. I thought it would be nice to decorate some of my office supplies with them.

Don’t you think stickers make everything a little more prettily?