Hi lovely people, There is a lot going on in my life lately, so I’ve been inactive on my blog. Not behind the scenes though, because I have lots coming for you! There will be some changes on Annies Diary. You might have figured the first one out already. I’ll be blogging in English from […]


Fave new arrivals Forever 21

Hey Fashionista’s, As you all probably know, Forever 21 is one of my favorite fashion stores. I always check the website for new arrivals. I made a list of my new favorite items, which I would definitely buy! (If I had the money, lol) Here we gooo This boho-ish top is so cute! Perfect for […]


I hate you, but I love you

Please don’t leave me all by myself I always needed you more than anybody else Can’t you see me standing all alone I’m calling for you, but nobody’s home I’m waiting for you in the dark It’s been two hours You didn’t show up It’s always like this I end up stuck Shall I follow […]