Monki clothing

Hey shopaholics,
There was a big sale on the Monki website and luckily for me, some of the items I tried on earlier were on sale.

Blue blouse
I love the color of this blouse. I feel like it makes my green eyes pop! And the ruffles, I LOVE ruffles. Even if you choose to wear regular jeans, you still look neat, because of the blouse.

White t-shirt
I can never have enough T-shirts, they always come in handy. I have these amazing jeans with red hearts on them and this t-shirt matches it perfectly. It’s crazy how I like everything with cherries on them, while I never actually eat them.

Green & white striped blouse
This blouse is my FAVORITE blouse BY FAR! It’s a little longer, which I like. And again, THOSE RUFFLES! I love it!

Yellow t-shirt
I like pastel colors very much, which is why I chose this colour. I also like it when t-shirts have a little print on them and I find this print especially cute! I see myself wearing it in summer on high waisted shorts or skater skirts.

Blue jeans
And last but not least, my new jeans! How cute are these? I really like the fit of it and the fact that it’s high waisted. The cats on the knees give it that little extra, which I like.
I will soon post a blog about how to combine striking pants, so stay tuned!

Shopping spree

Hi loves,
Last week I went to Rotterdam & The Hague with friends, to buy myself some new clothes. I haven’t changed clothing sizes in over +/- 6 years. You can imagine that I got tired by a few of my clothing pieces.
I decided that it was okay to treat myself!

Jumper dress from Mango

I saw this dress and my first thought was: This is so cute I need it!
I really like floral prints. What I especially love about this jumper dress is, that it has pockets. I also really like the straps, because they’re not attached in the front. You’re suppose to knot them.

Collar from Pieces

First of all, let me take your confusion away. You’re supposed to wear this collar underneath another piece of clothing. This way you can simply add a cute collar to your outfit. I love the lashes on this collar! I think it really gives your outfit the little extra thing it sometimes need.

Blouse from H&M

When I saw this cute floral printed blouse, I couldn’t let it hang there. It’s made of cotton, which I prefer. This blouse looks good on its own, but also can be worn underneath a cardigan.

T-shirt from Pull & Bear

I was in desperate need for some t-shirts, so I was glad to find this one. It’s a simple oversized shirt. (I love oversized clothing). The words on the pocket say: Put me in your pocket, which I find cute.

Which of the 4 pieces do you like best?

H&M sale

Hey shopaholics,
H&M is one of my favorite clothing stores and lucky for me there was a big winter sale! Turns out 3 out of the 4 items I bought are pink… Guess what’s one of my favorite colors?
Let me show you what I bought.

Top from H&M

Oh how I love this cute top! I really like collars, because it can make your outfit look really girly and neat. I especially like this one, because the collar is spangly.

T-Shirt from H&M

I’m normally not really into the whole feminism inspired clothing, the words on the front say: female equals future. But I really liked this t-shirt, Especially the back. How much better would this world be if we would spread love instead of hate?

White sweater from H&M

The sleeves are made from a different kind of material than the rest of the sweater. They’re made of cotton, the rest of the sweater is softer. The sleeves are wide and are tight around the wrists. On both sleeves is a big bow, which you can adjust to whatever size you like. I really like this sweater, because you can look neat without trying.

Pink sweater from H&M

This sweater must be one of the softest sweaters I own. It looked to me as if it’s made of wool, but it isn’t. The words say: girls unite. I like the length of the sweater, because it’s a little longer. It has a split on the bottom of both sides, which makes the sweater extra comfortable.

I’m happy with my new items. Which one do you like best?

Forever 21 items

Hey everyone,
Do you know that feeling you get when your package finally arrives? I felt it today, because my order from Forever 21 came! Even though only 3 out of the 12 items are for me. Lucky for me the rest belongs to my sister, so I can always steal some items out of her wardrobe…

T-shirt from Forever 21

As a true Disney lover, I feel like this shirt was made for me. It was a little shorter than I expected it to be, but it still looks nice.

Blouse from Forever 21

I love blouses, and white blouses even more! I really like the print. In case you can’t tell, the bicycles are dark-greenish. The back of the blouse is slightly longer than the front, which gives it something extra.

Cap from Forever 21

I really like caps. Especially when you don’t feel like doing your hair, which happens to me quite often. Look at that little teddy bear, isn’t it adorable?
(Note to self: Don’t order caps online, because they will get all flat in the mail and it takes some effort to get the shape right again.)

Forever 21 did not let me down!

Patch up your shoes

Hey fashion lovers,
Today I’ve a tip for you!
Most of us wear shoes. Some people choose looks over comfort. I don’t, but after a while I get tired of wearing the same shoes. They still fit perfectly and look neat, so throwing them away would be a waste. That’s why I decide to pimp up my shoes.
One really simple tip I can give you, from which I’m sure EVERY single person of you is capable, is: Replace your old laces with new ones.

– Laces in a different colour
– Laces with glitter
– Use ribbons instead of laces

That’s exactly what I did! I replaced my black and grey laces with these glittery ones from Monki.

The second tip: (Please make sure your shoes are made of the right fabric, before doing this.)
Buy some patches you like. (You can literally buy them everywhere) And make sure the patches match with each other and your shoes. Simply place them on your shoes, wherever you like. Last but not least: Glue the patches to the shoes. I used textile glue to do this. This way you have “new” 1 of a kind shoes.

I’ve already worn my shoes outside and in the rain. Nothing happend and the patches stayed in place!
Hope these tips are useful for you.

My Christmas outfit

Yay it’s Christmas!
Who says your Christmas outfit has to be expensive?
It didn’t cost me anything… well, a few years ago it did.
This was my Christmas look:

This blouse belonged to my mother, when she was around my age. She made it herself, so it’s one of a kind. I love how flowy and detailed it is, it even has pockets!
Underneath I’m wearing a simple striped pencil skirt, which barely cost me anything. I bought it last year at Primark.

The shoes cost me only €40,-. When I saw them on the H&M website I knew I had to have them. I’ve had them for almost 2 years already.

The jewelry I’m wearing isn’t made of real gold or real pears. I don’t really care about that kind of stuff. Sure, it’s beautiful. But something fake can make me just as happy!

The earrings I’m wearing I’ve had for years. I honestly don’t even remember where I got them. The helix exists of a cross and chain. I took the chain from a bracelet I broke and simply added the chain to the cross, because I liked it better that way.
The ring I got as a present a few years ago. It’s an unusual piece and that’s what I love about it!
I’ve worn this beautiful statement neckless a dozen of times and it never bores me. Without it I feel like my outfit would be plain and unfinished.

You see? An outfit doesn’t have to be expensive, or even brand new. Nobody has ever seen me worn this before, because I made it new . Keep mixing up items, look between your (or someone else’s) old pile of clothes and use your fantasy. It’s so much more fun than buying whatever is in the window of your favorite store.
Have fun mixing up your wardrobe!

Favorieten > kleding

Hoi allemaal!
Vandaag wil ik met jullie mijn favoriete kledingwinkels en kledingmerken delen. Dit zijn overigens niet de enige winkels waar ik mijn kleding vandaan haal. Ik vind het tof om ook in winkels te kijken waar ik normaal niet zo snel zou komen. De C&A is bijvoorbeeld een winkel waar ik niet snel naar binnen ga, maar waar ik toch een paar items vandaan heb.

Hier een lijstje van mijn favoriete winkels op willekeurige volgorde:

(Klik op het plaatje om naar de website te gaan.)









Wat zijn jullie favoriete kledingmerken en winkels?
xoxo Annelotte