Hi everyone,
I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw some advertisements from H&M home. They have the cutest stuff! Let me share some items with you that I would definitely get if I had my own place.

Because my hobbies include drawing and writing I have a lot of pencils. These items would be great to put all my stationery in and help keep my desk tidy.

These cute looking baskets will help keep your house tidy! I for instance would use them to stuff my blankets in or as a laundry basket maybe.

My bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a stuffed animal and these two are too cute to resist!

I like my bed linen to be simple and clean. The ruffles make it a little more playful and I really like that.

These mirrors are just too pretty to ignore

I could never make my house a home without candles. I have a big love for scented candles, especially vanilla ones. But I also love the feeling I get when I lit candles, which is a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Imagine how nice this cherry would look on your bed or couch.

These plates and bowls look so nice with their golden details. I’d definitely wouldn’t mind eating from them.

I think this teacup with such a lovely reminder on it will help me enjoy my tea even more.

I’ve never seen a basket like this one, so original and way too cute!

Do you own anything from the H&M home? My current favorite candle is from their collection. It smells so good! But to be honest, I wouldn’t have got it if it wasn’t on sale. Those things can get very pricey!

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