music releases

Hello everyone,
Something I’m very passionate about is music, though I rarely post about it. I thought it’d be fun to share 5 of my favorite song releases of the past weeks with you! Luckily they all have amazing music videos as well ♥

Summer Fling -Nina Nesbitt

A while ago Nina played a part of this song on her instagram, asking her followers if she should finish it or not. I immediately replied with “YES” because it sounded so fun and catchy. With this track she kicks off her new era and her third upcoming studio album. I honestly can’t wait!

Maisie Peters -Psycho

This new song by Maisie is so fun! I can’t sit still listening to it. I’m so happy it has gotten the attention it has, because I have felt for a long time that Maisie has been under appreciated. This is also why I was so happy when she recently got signed by Ed Sheeran his label. Her debut album You Signed Up For This comes out on August 27. You can preorder it here.

Don’t go yet -Camila Cabello

It’s been two years since the successful release of Camila her second studio album Romance (which I ADORED) so I was very curious to what her new song would sound like. In her song Havana Camila already showed pride in her Cuban heritage and this shines all the way through her second album and this new song. The song is part of her upcoming album Familia where I expect to hear more of these Cuban influences and I’m here for it!

Wrecked -Imagine Dragons

Why do people keep sleeping on the latest releases of Imagine Dragons? The music these man make get me every time. I can listen to them all day long and never get bored because I discover something new in the songs every time. It’s been very silent amongst Imagine Dragons for the last 3 years but their new album Mercury-Act 1 is coming and they’ve already released 3 songs from it; Wrecked, Cutthroat and my personal favorite Follow Me. Go listen to these songs if you haven’t yet!

Bad Habits -Ed Sheeran

If you listen to pop music at all this song can’t have escaped your attention, it’s everywhere (as it should be). Ed let us know he was nervous to release this song as it’s his first solo song in four years time. And in addition to that it’s also his first dance track. I think Ed can be relieved as the song very rapidly got the Official Number 1 Singles Award.

So many new albums are coming in a few months time and I’m so excited! What song of the 5 do you like best? And is there a song I should listen to? Please let me know I’m always excited to find new artists.♥

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