Monki new in

Hi everyone,
I hope you’re all doing well ♥
I haven’t been really active lately and I miss writing about random stuff I love! So here I am again with a blogpost on new items from the Monki webshop.

I really like the summer vibe this shirt gives off with the tie dye and those cute flowers. I’d definitely wear this on a sunny day.

I’m a fan of high waisted shorts (though I must honestly admit I don’t wear them often) but not of the tight ones. I personally would never wear shorts that show my butt cheecks, but I applaud the people who wear those and feel confident and free in them! I like the fit of these shorts better because they are not as revealing, but still look really stylish and cute.

Aren’t these dresses the cutest? I love the puffy sleeves and the ruffles at the bottom. They have this dress in multiple colors and fabrics, but these 2 are my favorites! It’s so easy to make a sophisticated look with this dress. On colder days I’d add some knee socks and maybe a long cardigan and you’re good to go!

I absolutely love collars and I like to add collars to all my sweaters! Collars come in so many forms and shapes. I want to say that I already own so many collars that I don’t need any new ones, but this one is so pretty and so different from the ones I already own. I feel like collars can really upgrade your look from a more simple outfit to a more sophisticated look.

I absolutely LOVE these dungarees! And the color is so prettyyy! Dungarees are the perfect clothing item for me, because it feels like you are in your pyjamas all day but meanwhile you look nicely dressed. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

I haven’t bought clothes lately because I already own a lot of clothing, but also because I’m aware of what the industry is doing to our planet. I still like to go through my favorite webshops their catalogues without buying anything. Shopping without spending money, all looking and no buying. I promise it’s fun, try it sometime haha ♥

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