this house

This house is so much more than a building
or just four concrete walls
It’s the place where I’ve been born
Have grown up
Have been formed
Where the walls know my story
And the mirrors saw me grow up
Where the floor remembers my footsteps
And I still drink from the same cup
The place where I know the best hiding spots
which are now too small
Not sure if they’ve shrunk
or if I became too tall

Our house is like a scavenger hunt
Revealing all our little secrets
From the yellow spot in the kitchen
Where my sister once placed her chewing gum
To closets full of stuff
That once belonged to my mom
And the black mascara marks upstairs
that cover part of the white wall
But we couldn’t find anyone responsible for

Let’s not forget about the dart arrows
That sometimes missed the board
My brother really cared for the game,
not so much for the floor
Where there’s now a pattern of holes

I really love this place,
my house,
my home
a storybook
with a roof on top
which I’m not ready to outgrow


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