may bucketlist

I hear many people are bored, unmotivated and frustrated due to the quarantaine. I also have days where I feel like this. For me it really helps to go outside, take a walk, listen to some music and clear my mind. Every month I make a new bucketlist, which helps me to focus on things I want to receive or want to get done. I find this especially helpful during times like these. It’s just nice to have something to work on. My bucketlist for May consists of:

– Practice piano
– Start writing poetry again
– Eat clean
– Finish up school work
– Celebrate my dad, brother and grandpa their birthdays
– Work out regularly
– Make pictures for my bookstagram
– Put a new cover online
– Make images on illustrator
– Go outside every day and enjoy the sun
– Keep in contact with my friends

I hope you all have something to focus on and most preferably something positive. I really believe it will help when you get bored or feel useless, because you’re not as productive as you used to be before the Covid 19 measures. I hope May will be good to you!

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