New in; Pull & Bear

Hi guys,
I needed some distraction from this quarantine life, so I scrolled through a few of my favorite webshops. Pull & Bear has many new items worth mentioning. Let me show you my favorites:

The collar of this blouse is so pretty! I love it so much. You can never go wrong with a beautiful white blouse.

I love white sneakers, because they literally go with everything. What I like about this pair are the wavy soles. It looks so cute.

Ah with these plain yet colorful sweaters I see endless possibilities! Make a nice embroidery on them, a cool print or some patches. I love decorating my own clothes.

I used to wear bows everyday and even though I feel I’m too old for them now, I’d still wear these!

A sweater in my favorite color? I can’t deny it. I think the graphics on this sweater are very nice. I especially like the sentence on the sleeve.

Yes, I’m very much aware this is from the “boys department”, but I also like to stroll around there when I’m shopping. Can we get over the whole gender thing already?

Another beautiful white top with a lovely collar. I’m obsessed with those. Also the puffy sleeves seem to make a comeback. I’m not sure if they suit me, but I’m curious to try.

I really like this top. I think it would look so cool with a big statement necklace.

Such a beautiful dress in my favorite color! I also really like the fabric, it’s so pretty. And those puffy sleeves are next level, I’m not quite sure if I like them or not…

I’m curious, do you like puffy sleeves? I think I’m going to give it a try!

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