April bucketlist

Hi everyone,
This blogpost is a little late, as we’re already 6 days into April but I still wanted to make a bucketlists for this month because they really help me! Sadly I couldn’t finish off everything of last months bucketlists, due to the corona virus. All my concerts for this year got cancelled, which is very understandable but still makes me a little sad. But there are more things to focus on and for April my goals are:

– Practice piano
– Sort out my bookcase
– Eat clean
– Finish the book: The Safe House
– Read poetry
– Nurse my rabbits back to health
– Work out a few times a week
– Spend more time on my Bookstagram
– Try out new recipes
– Search for a job
– Make images on illustrator
– Go outside every day and enjoy the sun

Especially during times like these it’s good to have a goal or to focus on something. Making these lists every single month are very helpful to me and I now need them more than ever. Give it a try!

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