What if it is war we need

People keep talking about world peace
And all they want to accomplish
Things that would be possible
if there were no war 

But what if it is war we need?
Because without it,
how would we know peace?
Maybe we like the feeling of being united
That we can fight
For what we feel is right
Amongst our brothers and sisters
who we wouldn’t have
If there were no enemy

What if it is war we need
to make us feel strong
To feel like we’ve got something worth fighting for
Something to divide right from wrong
And make us feel like we belong
Because we’re all in it

What if war is simply used as an excuse
To rage with all the madness
we’re not allowed to use
To have a reason to be angry
Dropping bombs on those we hate
Simply something to keep people in line
And force them to cooperate

What if it is war we need
to provide people with jobs
They say war breaks up families
that it does them no good
Still soldier daddy gets his paycheck
to provide his children with food

What if there were no war
and people will loose their jobs
No more making money for families
who now will feel lost

And all guns, bombs and mistles
never got to serve their purpose
No one will need them anymore
They’ll get stocked away
Collecting dust and spiderwebs
While they slowly go to waste

It is hard right?
Imagining a world without war
What if it is because,
it is war we need?
Simply because without it,
we feel incomplete.


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