New in; Topshop

I almost never go to Topshop, as I feel like their products are overpriced. This doesn’t stop me from scrolling through their web shop now and then. I found some really cute items, which I would like to share with you:

This knitted sweater looks so comfy, with those big batwing sleeves. What I love is that when you add a big statement necklace to this sweater it turns from casual into chic in a split second.

This coat is so cool! I love the color of it, but also its enormous fluffiness. Seeing this coat makes me want to dive in it right away!

This dress is so cute! This pattern has been all over the place and I don’t believe there’s a brand that hasn’t used it. What it is about this dress that makes it stand out to me is the open back and the puffy sleeves.

Topshop also offers a skater skirt with this print on it. I love it! Imagine wearing this with a pink top or a white blouse… it goes with everything!

Wow, this dress is absolutely gorgeous! So feminine and classy, yet so neat. Even though I’m not a fan of bare shoulders, this dress is beautiful. I would feel like a total badass boss wearing this.

I’m loving this cute handbag! I’m not a big fan of handbags, because I always have way to much stuff with me to fit in such a small bag. But still, sometimes they make the outfit.

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