I’d build you your own house if I could
Where you’ll feel safe
and never misunderstood
Where the air is clean
and you can breathe freely
A place with enough space
To move in every direction
Without bumping into someone
or stepping on their toes
and accidentally make them angry
because you two were never close
A home where you don’t constantly have to worry
about disappointing anyone
Not doing enough
or doing something wrong
Where tears can fall down
peaceful and easy
And no one will get mad
It’s just okay to be

A space where you don’t have to apologize
For what you are
For what you want
For what you feel
For what’s in your heart
Where you don’t have to be around people,
you aren’t comfortable with

It’ll be your house
Your own place
Where you could spend your days
Feeling free
Being you
In however you feel
In whatever you do


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