October Bucketlist

Hi everyone,
I hope you all enjoyed last month. I know for sure I did! And I’m curious to see what October has in store for me…
I actually don’t have many things planned, but there’s one thing I’m really excited about! With a few of my friends we signed up for a real-life-Cluedo-game in the city Rotterdam. We’ll be investigating a murder (obviously a fake one) and try to find out who did it, where it happened and with what murder weapon. The game takes up a whole day and we’ll have to look for clues all the way through Rotterdam. I hope it’s going to be fun! These are the other things I would like to focus on this October:

– Eat clean
– Enjoy a real-life-Cluedo-game with my friends!
– Get enough sleep
– Record music
– Practise yoga
– Make pictures for my bookstagram
– Clean and tidy my room
– Get to know the people in my class
– Finish the book: They Both Die at the End
– Give myself a rest
– Try out new recipes
– Make more blogposts

I hope you all have a great time this October ♡


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