Favorites of September

Hello everyone,
How are you? I hope you had a great September. For me it was a month of adjusting and experiencing new things. I now finally found my way around my new school and I feel like I got the hang of all my assignments. Now I only need to find a balance between my schoolwork and personal life. My favorite moment of September was meeting one of my idols: Bea Miller! She was absolutely amazing and so kind! I can’t wait to see my meet & greet picture!
Here are more of last months favorite things for me:

Of course I had to choose a Bea Miller song for this month. I’ve been listening to her nonstop. Her new music is EVERYTHING. I especially. like this song she has with Jessie Reyez. Their voices sound so good together.

Guilt is not a parenting tool


Woah, this book made me cry! It’s such a lovely and touching story. Well… at least… when you get to the end. It was beautiful to see the main character grow throughout summer break in very unexpected ways.

Woops… I must honestly admit that I haven’t watched a movie worth mentioning, this month. I’ve started watching the series Bates Motel on Netflix which I enjoy very much though! (Thanks for forcing me to watch it little sis.)


I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I got to meet and hug Ariana Grande. She really means so much to me and I’ve been a fan of her since 2010. Nobody can ever take this away from me and I’m so grateful!

I’m ready to make the best of next month. I’m not a fan of autumn, but I will appreciate the moments of sunlights even more!
I wish you all a wonderful time. Seek happiness in the little things and smile as often as you can.

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