Oh if only,
I were skinny
Then I wouldn’t need to hide
In clothes that are way too big
3 Times my actual size
Then I could sit down
and feel comfortable
My belly not showing one single roll
I’d be happy in my skin
Throwing out the sweaters I’m drowning in
and I’d be beautiful.



  1. popils

    Well we’re not skinny, we’ve got rolls on our tummy when we sit.

    I used to drown in sweaters too, now I’m wearing my actual size. I realized wearing bigger clothes makes me look bigger than I actually am. Yes they hide the tummy, and arms but they add general weight.

    Instead I’m dressing for my body type and you should too.
    I’ll let you in on a little secret some of those skinny girls wish they had more flesh.

    We’re all insecure, slim or thick. 💞

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