Forever 21 items

Hi everyone,
Woopsss I found a post I was supposed to put up a long time ago! The products in this blogpost are still available, they’re just not in the “new in” section anymore!

I love this jumper. It’s so simple, so really easy to style! You could wear a blouse, sweater or t-shirt underneath it and I think it would look really cute with knee socks.

These might be the cutest socks in the world??

I love the shape of these shorts. I’m not a fan of those super tight ones. Especially the ones where girls have their bums hanging out…

I want this jacket so bad! I’ve had it in my hands for at least 3 times, but never bought it. And of course, now I regret it. I really like the colored details on it. In my opinion denim jackets can be a little plain and those colored edges make up for that!

This top is so pretty! The buttons on the back are so beautiful and they make this top so feminine. I love it!

I wish I had the courage to wear this. I love peplum and the open back is so beautiful!

I’m not a fan of the shape of this top, but the flower print totally makes up for that.

I actually wanted to buy this little backpack to take to concerts with me, but it was sold out at the store already. I like the pink details, it’s so cute!

Which one of these items do you like best?

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