Toy Story 4

Hiiiii you all,
I hope you’re having a good day! And if you aren’t having a good time… I strongly recommend you to watch Toy Story 4.
It’s crazy to think that Toy Story 3 came out 9 years ago! I think it’s so cool that a storyline is successful enough to add a new movie to it so many years later!

Okay, in all honesty… I wasn’t counting down the days until the movie would came out. I wasn’t super excited, but still I really liked to go see it. And I can tell you this: I’m SO GLAD I did. It was way better than I expected it to be!

Woody his most fulfilling mission in life is to make sure his kids are feeling alright. In the first Toy Story movies you could see Woody and his friends taking care of a boy named Andy. During the movies he grew up and passed his toys onto a little girl, named Bonnie.
Bonnie is going through a difficult time, since she’s starting kindergarten. Her toys are a big comfort for her and she added a very important one to the family named: Forky.
As Bonnie goes on a road trip with her parents she of course takes her toys with her. When Forky runs off, all the other toys are trying to make sure he finds his way back. Woody, Buzz, the Potato heads, Rex, Trixie, Jessie, Dolly, Buttercup, Hamm, Bullseye and the Aliens meet some old and new friends during this adventure.

My opinion
I laughed so much during this movie. The new character Forky is so funny as he’s getting used to a world he knows nothing about.
BUT THE DOLLS. Oh my! Can we please cut the creepy dolls next time? I honestly felt I went into the wrong movie theatre and was actually watching the movie Annabelle!

Honestly an amazing feel good movie and did absolute justice to the other Toy Story movies!

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