Thank you

I could say thank you a million times
Still it wouldn’t be enough
To express my gratitude
I feel towards you

Sadly thank you has lost its worth
I use those two words everyday
I say them to the mailman, the cashier
and the bus driver when I’m on my way

Thank you doesn’t have much of a meaning
It’s nothing more than giving your dog a good feeling
whenever he returns the ball you just threw

Thank you isn’t
and will never be enough
To thank you for what you helped me through
Facing battles, while standing by my side
Afterwards making sure I’m still alright
Taking my hand when needed
Giving me mental support
Always someone to talk to
Of good care I never fell short

So how am to thank you for a feeling that’s this big?
For when two words aren’t enough
to cover all of it
Nothing seems to be comprehensive
to show how thankful I am
I’d just like to say thank you a million times more
For helping me become who I am
In a time I was of nothing sure


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