Bucketlist June

Hello cuties,
I hope you enjoyed the first 2 days of June.
I’m really excited for this month! My art portfolio will FINALLY be DONE after working on it for over a year. I hope my hard work will pay off and that I’ll get into one of the art studies I applied for.
I’ll be so happy to have more free time and being able to spend more time on my music. Can’t wait!

– Finish my art portfolio
– Go to my admission on WDKA
– Go to my admission on HKU
– Continue songwriting and recording
– Eat clean
– Lose a little weight
– Practise more yoga
– Keep my room clean & tidy
– Enjoy the sun
– Write new poems
– Finish the book: It Only Happens In The Movies
– Get a new keyboard

What’s your main focus for June?


  1. sassandclass

    Such an inspirational list! Already setting up a bullet journal bucket list for Summer Break! I definitely want to get more into poetry and yoga as well. Always love supporting other personal development bloggers. Great post

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