I push and I pushed
Tried to push you away
But you don’t fall for my tricks
You always seem to stay
When I make an angry face
You’d reply with a smile
When I’m mocking
You’d joke for a while
(Until a little smile creeped on my face, which I hated)
Other days I’d try to ignore you
But you make it so hard
Because all you do is kind
Intentions are from the heart

You told me that no matter how hard I would try
You’d still come back to me
every time
You said you’d be sitting right there when I need you
When I’m sad, scared
or need someone to talk to


I wouldn’t reach out
Unsure if I could trust you
But you would wait
Until I’d find the strength to come through

and then…

You seem to know me better than I do myself
You can feel what it is I need
Without me having to tell

And the day you found me crying on the couch
And I turned you away
You still reached out and demanded that you’d stay
I told you I was sorry
for taking up so much of your time
You said you were here because you wanted to
and everything was fine

⁃ I never knew I’d trust anyone like that again

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