Syndrome favorites

Hi fashion lovers,
I found this blogpost in HTML code somewhere on my laptop and discovered that I’d never posted it. So here it is! Better late than never, right?
Syndrome is one of my favorite fashion webshops, but I barely ever buy things on there because it isn’t the cheapest. Still, have a look at my favorite items:

I love skater and tennis skirts and I’ve been wearing them for a few years. What I like about these is that they have a cute detail on them. A hearts or a rubber ducky? I honestly can’t choose which one I like better.

A fluffy sweater with a cute peach on it? Yes please.

Oversized sweaters are my favorite piece of clothing. I like it best when they are long enough to wear them as a dress.
The one on the left, I really like. I wouldn’t wear it though because I don’t feel comfortable in such formfitting clothes.
The one on the right I’d definitely wear! I love the collar and heart on it.

I love to match my socks with my outfit! And these socks are just awesome. Take the tekst on them with a serepticious wink though!

I’ve seen the bags on the left photo before, on various websites. I like them so much! They look like they came right out of a cartoon!
The boots on the right are definitely inspired by Dr. Martens and I love them! I really want white ones.

Are you familiar with the brand Syndrome?

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