May bucket list

Hello you,
Hope you’re doing well. And if you aren’t, I hope things will turn around for you! If April wasn’t your best month of 2019 it’s time to leave it behind.
May is here! A new month, new opportunities, more doors to unlock and new memories to make. Give May your best effort ♡
I’m going to live up to the next intentions, to make my month the best it can possibly be:

– Make sure my dad has an unforgettable birthday
– Try out new recipes
– Continue songwriting and recording
– Eat clean
– Finish more of my portfolio work
– Lose a little weight
– Practise more yoga
– Keep my room clean & tidy
– Write new poems
– Finish the book: The Little Prince
– Do things that make me happy

I’m curious what May has in store for me. I definitely hope for sunshine & great weather.


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