Things that make me happy

Hi you,
There’s happiness in the smallest things, if you know where to look!
I thought I’d share some experiences with you that put a smile on my face ♡

– The smell of summer
– Finding jeans that fit perfectly
– Getting into your comfy clothes, after a long working day
– Finding a song that describes exactly how you feel
– Planning a vacation
– Sore muscles after a good workout
– Discovering a new artist you really like
– When a cute dog runs up to you
– A nice afternoon nap
– The warmth of the sun on your face
– Not giving a f*ck what others think
– When your favorite song comes on the radio
– Randomly bumping into a loved one

These are a few examples that quickly crossed my mind. I bet I can tell you many more things that give me butterflies in my stomach. Of course I’ll share these with you later!

What’s a small thing that puts a smile on your face?


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