Monthly favorites; February

Hey everyone,
I hope February treated you nicely! For me it was a fun month, because I went skiing the last week. I’ve looked forward to that holiday for quite some time. I can gladly say that it was worth the wait!

Nina Nesbitt came out with a new album this month and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only the aesthetics are BEAUTIFUL. The songs are… next level. Definitely her best work so far!
Here is one of the songs she made a music video for, I love it so much.

“I woke up thinking the work was done
I would not have to practice today
How naive to think healing was that easy
When there is no end point
No finish line to cross
Healing is everyday work”
– Unknown


The Good Girl, written by Mary Kubica is this month’s book choice for me. (Basically because it’s the only book I read this month, lol) It’s really good though! I couldn’t put it away.

I must honestly say that I haven’t watched a movie this month…
I myself am just as shocked as you are.


Normally I don’t like to share these type of images, but you know… it’s true.
And I believe that it’s sometimes okay to admit to yourself that you’re a tough cookie.


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