February Bucketlist

I like to strive for a better me always, even though some days it’s easier than others. What really helps me is to make a bucket list, but only with goals in it that I can actually achieve. I believe a bucket list with unreachable goals is more demotivating than it is motivating.
It just feels so good to cross out things on your list!

– Enjoying Ariana & Nina Nesbitt their new albums
– Stop eating added sugars
– Lose a little weight
– Practise more yoga
– Finish a portrait drawing
– Try to convince my dad to get me a dog
– Finish my ocean art project
– Visit art schools
– Write new poems
– Spend more time with friends
– Try out new recipes
– Take pictures of the snowy landscape
– Give songwriting another go

I dare you to set 1 goal for February! What is your goal going to be?

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