Monthly favorites; January

Hi cuties,
Woah… this is crazy! The first month of 2019 is already over. January has been good to me. I’ve read a few cool books, seen a lot of my friends, refound my love for yoga and enjoying my job!

SO EASY! I’ve got a new favorite song and I bet you all know it. 7 Rings it is. Ariana delivered again. Everyone who knows me also knows I’m a big fan of hers. Even though the lyrics aren’t really inspirational, the song is just so fun. I can’t stop listening to it!!

“Just because you don’t see results after a day, or even a week, don’t give up. You may not see changes, but every smart choice you make is affecting you in ways you’d never imagine.”
– Fitspiration


A while ago my dad gifted me 3 e-books. This month I read the second one, which was Home, by Harlan Coben. I haven’t read any of his work before, but am planning to! I love his writing style and sometimes I would burst out laughing while reading.


I’ve seen a few movies this month, but my favorite was Bandersnatch. I watched it together with my friend, because she insisted on it. I’m glad I saw it though! It’s such a fun and renewing experience to watch a movie and have control over the storyline! (During the movie you get to choose what choice the main character makes, which has an influence on the rest of the storyline. This way everyone watches a slightly different movie.)


I died a little when I came across this picture on Tumblr. It’s just so CUTE I can’t believe it.

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