Hey fashionista’s,
Have you ever heard of the website
I found it while searching for Kawaii influenced clothes on the internet. I absolutely love the things they have on there! Sadly, this webshop isn’t the cheapest… but that doesn’t stop me from looking at all those items!
Check these out:

Look how cute this sweater is! Have you noticed the little moon on it?
I really like to wear caps, even during wintertime. Love the clouds on them.

I need those socks! They are totally adorable!
This dress looks like something Ariana Grande would wear. I really like it.

I can’t get the sweater on the left out of my head! It’s so simple, but the heart and the collar make it look super cute. The skirt the model is wearing is also for sale on the webshop.
I really like the blouse on the right, because of the detailed sleeves and the strawberry print.

As you probably found out already, I really like a cute strawberry print.
This t-shirt and sweater are so lovely!

This skirt is so lovely, but also very neat. The buttons look like flowers which give the skirt an extra girly touch. This is something I would wear to a party.
And have you seen that backpack? I like the shape of it and the little flower is the finishing touch.

Be sure to check out the website if you like these items!


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