Monthly favorites; December

Hey everyone,
Thank you for sticking around this year! December is already over, but I would like to share my favorite things from December with you.

You might not have heard about Frankie Grande, but I bet you recognize his last name; Grande. It’s right what you’re thinking. Frankie Grande is Ariana Grande her brother. They both have a big passion for musicals and just like Ariana, her brothers sings. They recorded a cover of a song from the broadway show RENT!. I’m so in love with their version of it!

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.”
– Unknown


This month I reread the book Everything, Everything. It’s one of my favorite books. I can’t really explain why. I just enjoy it so much and I love the way the main character her mind works.


I finally got to see the long expected movie: Ralph Breaks the Internet. I saw it in the cinema with my good friend, after rewatching the first movie Wreck it Ralph at home. We watched the movie in 4DX which was a great experience! I definitely recommend watching this feel good movie.

I suppose I don’t have a favorite picture of this month…

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