Favorite H&M Items

Hi fashionistas,
I’ve selected my current favorite items from the H&M website. It includes many fluffy, velvet and girly items. Take a look with me:

I love the color and material of this coat. It’s perfect for winter, but will also look cute during cold spring days.

This model is quite long which means you can wear this sweater as a dress. I love these kind of sweaters, because you can simply add knee socks and your outfit is done!

I like the shape of these shorts. The fact that it’s high waisted and a little wider gives it almost a skirt idea. The lace at the bottom makes it even more girly.

White blouses are 1 of my favorite clothing items. I like this one because it’s a wrap blouse. You fold the right half over the left half, which gives the blouse something special.

I love fluffy coats! (Even though you might feel like Cruella de Vil in this one.)

This top is just too cute to deny.

Sweaters are a must have during Fall and Winter. I love the hearts on this one. I’d probably wear a collar under it.

Look at this teddy sweater! I NEED.

A bag like this always comes in handy.
I’ve this thing for white shoes and I love these! The golden zippers give it that little extra.

I love everything about this coat, it’s just perfect.

This sweater is quite simple, but the color is really cute.
Add a cute crunchie and your outfit will look even cuter!

I love the print on this crop top.

This skirt is very playful, yet neat. Perfect for different occasions.

I don’t like Uggs at all (I’m sorry) but I actually really like these boots! They’re really simple and will fit with almost everything.

I love this blazer so much, it’s so pretty!

What product would you like to have?

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