A Star is Born

I hope you’re all having a good day! I for sure am enjoying my day. I went to the cinema to watch the movie: A Star is Born. Some of you might find it weird, but I went to the movies on my own. I enjoy going to the cinema to escape the pressure of the day to day life and I don’t mind doing that by myself!

The movie tells the story of Ally (played by Lady Gaga) and Jackson (played by Bradley Cooper). Jackson Maine is a well known singer songwriter, who at one night sees Ally perform in a little bar. He is impressed by her and they spend the rest of the evening together. Jackson fell for Ally and will do everything to draw her to him.
And then something life changing happens for Ally. Jackson pulls her on stage and lets her perform one of her own songs! She gets noticed by a producer and everything seems perfect from that moment on… but is it really that easy?
Will their relationship survive the bumpy road fames brings? Or will alcohol and drugs get in the way?

Also, the music used in this movie is SO good! It’s no secret that Lady Gaga is a good singer, but Bradley Cooper really did surprise me! And together they just sound so beautiful.
The same amount of respect I have for Bradley Cooper for singing in this movie, I have for Lady Gaga. Watching this movie, you couldn’t tell she isn’t an experienced actress!

A beautiful movie about the growth of 2 individuals and the love story they share.
Oh and I promise you… this movie got the whole movie theatre in tears!


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