a poem that touched me deeply

Hi guys,
I came across this poem while scrolling through my instagram feed. This poem hit me like a brick! It’s the perfect representation of how anorexia draws you in and then when you don’t expect it, takes total control over you.
At first you’ll be like: ah, this is so fun! I’m losing weight so easily, I’m so good at this!
Until the day comes when you realize it’s taken over your entire life & thoughts. Suddenly your life depends on how many calories you’ve eaten that day & how many you burned. How to keep yourself warm, because you are freezing all the time. And how to stay awake and pretend everything is fine, while in reality you are so freaking T I R E D.
And you know, it’s true. Anorexia almost took me to the grave.
But here I am today, writing on the blog I built from scratch. I’m so happy I don’t identify as “the girl with anorexia” anymore, but as ME.
(I owe my friends big time. I love u all so so so much)

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