Forever 21; new arrivals

Hey you,
I can’t seem to stay away from the Forever 21 website. I’m constantly checking on new items, because they change their collection so often! I’m in love with these new items, take a look with me:

This blouse is quite simple, but really elegant.

These trousers are a bit bold, because of the big holes at the front. I must say that I actually like it! Also the shape of the trousers are nice for shorter people like me.

I love white blouses with lace! Can’t ignore this one. It looks beautiful and would be perfect to wear if you’re going out for dinner.

This sweater isn’t that special, but still a nice item to own. If you have a lazy day, you still will look cute in this sweater!

This might look a little old-fashioned, but that’s what I actually like about it. You’ve to match this item the right way, so you won’t look like your grandma. But I believe that with the right jeans (like the ones on the left picture) you could totally rock this blouse!

This sweater is just too cute to not have. Just some blue jeans underneath it and you’re good to go.

Yellow does not match my skin tone very well, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look at cute yellow items, right? I love the neckline of this top.

The tekst on this shirt caught my eye. I think it’s so funny. And I like that the neckline is a different color.

Awh, I just really like these little earrings!

Can I wear this already? It looks so warm, cute and comfortable.
I just need it!

I would feel so comfy sleeping in this. It’s the cutest pyjama I’ve seen in a long time!

What is your favorite clothing shop?


  1. hotthingsforladies

    Owh die truien lijken me heerlijk deze winter cute stuff.Hele mooie pagina( blogs) neem je ook een kijkje bij mij liefs heb recepten allerlei leuke reviews over make- up of parfum enz..blogs over lekkere geurkaarsen enz. WENS JE EEN FIJNE AVOND🌸💮🏵

    Liked by 1 person

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