14000 Things to be happy about part 2

Hi cuties,
I’ve done one of these post before and got a lovely reaction to it! Check it out here .

The book 14000 things to be happy about is a long list of things that bring the author Barbara Ann Kipfer joy.
I’ve underlined the things that I enjoy in this book. Here’s part 2 of my list:

– An animal doing a truck-and-roll
– Prizes you have won
– Cheering influences
– Hearing, “You’re the best.”
– Organizing time
– Personally witnessing a happy event in history
– An ideal picnic spot
– Angora cats
– Sleeping sprawled out on the bed
– Quick postcards
– Watering your garden
– Onion buns
– The insides of car fenders during snowstorms
– The little things in life that really make your day go right
– Listening for the sound of a key in the lock
– The United States of America
– Life choices
– Getting warm by a fire or in your partner’s ams with something to eat or drink after you’ve been in the rain or snow
– A successful first attempt
– The rainbow and sand colors of pretty hair
– Free parking
– Not worrying about having what everyone else has
– Clothes that move and breathe
– Pantry shelves loaded with jars of fruit
– The rising or setting of a star at sunset
– Your first time in a foreign country
– Returning library books
– An unexpected message from someone saying something lovely to you
– T’s and jeans
– Things that stand the test of time
– Absorbing nature’s blessings
– A sense of pleasure and pride in the achievements of one’s children
– Kids and games

Sometimes it’s hard to find joy in little things. I hope this list might help you.

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