“Look”, I said
Showing the flowers
I picked along the way
“Why would you pick weeds?”
You asked
I wasn’t sure what to say
Staring while standing still
Flowers in my hand
I’m unsure how to react
I don’t know what you meant
Holding these products
Mother Nature gave to me
Questioning how you are unable to see
How beautiful these plants can be
So I ask
“How can you look at them like that?”
“Simply, because I can.”
Is how you react
I then tell you
How weeds were once seeds
Until they open up and fight
Until they start growing towards the light
And that’s eventually where they start to bloom
Just like plants always do
I don’t see much a difference
To me it’s the same thing
Weeds, seeds, flowers
All beautiful beings
So again, I ask you
For this is the last time
To consider weeds flowers too
And give me piece of mind



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