Fave new arrivals Forever 21

Hey Fashionista’s,
As you all probably know, Forever 21 is one of my favorite fashion stores. I always check the website for new arrivals. I made a list of my new favorite items, which I would definitely buy! (If I had the money, lol)
Here we gooo

This boho-ish top is so cute! Perfect for summer, but also cute in fall with a cardigan over it.

I love the colors of both these tops!
The left one is super cute and 100% my clothing style.
The one on the right I’m unsure about if I would wear it, but it’s a perfect item for fall.

First of all, I really like stripes. But this item is something different! I love that the back of this blouse is so long, it’s almost like a dress.

It’s always nice to have some eye-catchers in your closet. If you don’t feel like doing something different than wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans, you simply put this jacket on top of it and you look super stylish!

The shade green of both, the cropped top and the jumpsuit is one of my favorite colors for clothing!
The crop top caught my eye, firstly because of the color. I also like the little rainbow on the sleeve and the word “lovers” makes it super cute.
The jumpsuit on the right I picture with high knee socks and a cardiga, to make the perfect fall outfit.

Polo’s are usually not my thing. I don’t have any to be honest. But this one I really like! I think it’s because it’s super oversized. I love oversized tops more than anything.


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