Hey loves,
As you might know, I love clothing with a little bit of Kawaii influences. Bows, collars, ruffles, cute prints and pastel colors… you can find all of that in my wardrobe! A while ago I found this awesome webshop, called: YesStyle.
They sell kawaii clothing on there, but I don’t like to go kawaii all the way! Just a little touch is enough for me. Here is an example of a few items they sell:

This top is an absolute dream. It’s so cute! Just some high knee socks underneath it & you’re good to go.

This t-shirt is simple, but so cute!

Apart from this being a great shot, I love the shape of these jeans and the little print on it. And have you seen the end of the leg? I adore those sprinkles!

These jeans look super comfortable! Almost like sweatpants, but they look more neat. I also really like the hearts on them.

I NEED THIS DUNGAREE! That little cat head is the cutest thing in the world. I’ve never seen a clothing piece like this before!


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