River Island; tops

Hey loves,
Hocus pocus, I’m brokus. As much as I would like to go shopping new clothes, I can’t. I’m currently applying for a new job.
Still, I would like to show you my favorite tops of the current collection from River Island.
Let’s go!

White printed t-shirt

I’m not a big fan of big prints, but I really like this one!

Black shirt

This t-shirt looks so classy. I think it would look amazing with black high heels underneath.

Striped blue top

This top is quite simple, but it has a lovely color and the stripes are cute too.

Peplum top

I absolutely love peplum! The little buttons make it perfect.

Blue bow collar top

I love collars and bows, so bow collars are perfect.

Pink t-shirt

I love this shade of pink and the little bow detail makes it look so cute!

Broderie top

This top is a little brighter than most of my clothing, but I would still wear both of these. I really like the shape of it.

White floral t-shirt

White is my favorite color for clothing. The flowers on this top make it so original and girly. I really like it.

Lilac peplum top

A peplum top in my favorite color? I need.

Do you shop at River Island?

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