Don’t breathe

Hey everyone,
So my sister, dad and I saw the trailer for the movie Don’t breathe a while ago and really wanted to see this movie! Due to our busy schedules we couldn’t pick a date and never got the chance to see it in the cinema.
We’ve waited and waited until the movie would appear on Netflix. Our prayers have been heard! It’s finally on there and we watched it right away!

Watch the trailer here:

It’s a horror/crime movie.

3 Friend think they’ll commit the perfect heist. Breaking in to an old, rich and most importantly blind man his house. What’s easier than robbing a blind man? What is he gonna do about it? Well, these friends were wrong.
Unknowingly that this man is a retired militair and a true fighting machine, they break in. They probably wish they never did. This man is more dangerous than they had ever imagined. He holds some secrets in his house you would never expect.

This movie actually gives you some good scares and made me scream one time (lol). The scary part about it, is that it seems pretty realistic. I don’t wish this upon anybody.

This movie is now on Netflix and I definitely recommend you to watch it.


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